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Carolyn Zenk's glowing testimonials

Carolyn Zenk, Attorney at Law, is a compassionate advocate for the environment, who spent four years serving as Southampton's Councilwoman. Over the years, she has gained many supporters and admirers. Ms. Zenk is an incredible attorney and advocate, but don't take our word for it. Read her many wonderful testimonials from people throughout the community.

"Please, for all of us who were so delighted when you were elected, continue to speak up! Speak out! Remember that there are many of us who pay attention and know what's going on and support you in doing the right thing."

Joan M., Citizen

"In the last election, the people hired a gunslinger to fight such [political] nonsense. Her name is Carolyn Zenk, and she's their Shane...[S]he's smart, she's dedicated, and she's not going away. Carolyn Zenk is a precious asset to our Town at a crucial time in its history. [Other Town Board members should] take advantage of the strengths she has."

Quote from "The Zenk Factor" Southampton Press, by reporter Reynolds Dodson

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Julie Penny, Activist

Nancy Grabowski, Councilwoman

"Carolyn's longstanding advocacy for the environment has been exemplary. Residents of Southampton and East Hampton have a lot to be grateful to her for. Residents of the East End have benefited from Carolyn Zenk's longstanding legal advocacy of our environment. We admire her work, dedication and vision. Carolyn gives being a "lawyer" a positive connotation."

"Dear Carolyn, Many thanks for all your efforts to support my transition from private citizen to Councilwoman. Your files, notes and carefully drafted memos, along with your caring and personal counseling have stood me in good stead as I begin my four year term. I truly appreciate your concern-both for me and for the Town."

Debra M., Former Client whose home Zenk saved

"CZ..., Just wanted & needed to say you saved my life! You are  more than a lawyer. You worked very hard, and pushed me to be active. I have learned a great deal from you! Never change! Lawyers are a dime a dozen after working with you!! You  work harder than any one I know! Lions roar!"

S. P., Former Client.

"Carolyn...did you know, there's just no one in the Hamptons and on the East End of Long Island in the same class of expertise in Environmental Law and advocacy as you?!!!"

Walter B., Former Mediation Client

"Miss Zenk, this is Walter B, you worked with my wife and I last year and I just wanted you to know that I was thinking about you....As a result of the mediation you did with us, we decided not to get a divorce after all! We are so grateful to you and are still going strong together."

Holly C., Client

"Carolyn, I just talked w Jennifer C. [former client]. She tells me you saved her home from being sold out from under her &  that you preserved her relationship w her father at the same time. You're amazing!"

Kathleen A., W. Eastport Citizen

"Ms. Zenk, I have followed your record and positions on many issues over the years and admire your tenacity, intelligence and relentless commitment to the preservation of open space, the environment and the unique character of the South Fork region. I truly feel that you speak for the majority of Southampton's residents and are the best hope for a "build-out" vision for our community that protects and fosters the wishes of the people who live and work here...Thank you for your commitment to representing the residents of Eastport, Remsenberg, Speonk and Westhampton."

Ruth, Citizen

"Dear Ms. Zenk, You are the shining light in the darkness of political & self-interest in the appalling Southampton [Town] Board. I just want to say, "Keep the Faith!" You have more support than you may know."

Long Island Monthly Magazine, "Local Heroes/Courage, Commitment, & Caring on LI" featuring Zenk's work

"There is another kind of hero-the local hero who is defined not by individual acts, but by hope, strength, and caring. Local heroes face the poverty and injustice that others ignore. They battle to preserve the environment...Theirs is an unqualified commitment to making a difference in other people's lives."

Gary I., Bridgehampton Attorney

"I write to thank you for your service to Southampton in working on the Town Council. While I cannot fully appreciate your dedication, sometimes under circumstances made more difficult by your colleagues, you should know that your efforts are greatly admired by many. Your relentless efforts raised the standard for public service in Southampton."

Larry Penny, East Hampton's Director of Natural Resources

"As a colleague-in-arms to protect our dwindling natural resources, our groundwater and surface waters, wetlands, shoreline, & open spaces, Carolyn has battled long and hard in many cases and before many Town Agencies, and to the East End's benefit."

Mike D., Member of Committee

"Carolyn: Congratulations on a herculean effort [as Chairman of the Environment, East End, and Energy Transition Committee Report to County Executive Steve Levy]...[Your work] is a solid representation of the committee members' recommendations presented clearly and concisely...Thank you for taking on the task [of writing proposed environmental policy for Suffolk County] with such diligence and so thoroughly!"

Steve and Vicki H, Harriet D., Tom H., Kathryn S, William L., Raymond D, Helen F, Marion B., Bob Z., Audrey R., Nancy M, Jon L., Charles R., Janet Z, Kathy H, Peter B., Patricia D, Grania and Tip B, Tricia R., Tina B., Anne and George B., Charles C., Charlene M, Julie P, Martin Z.

"In appreciation of your outstanding service on the Southampton Town Council We, representing the many friends, family and admirers of Carolyn Ann Zenk, Esq:


Honor and will always remember

Your dedication and integrity,

Your innovative ideas,

The breadth and depth of your knowledge,

And your courage under fire

Throughout your four year term."

Carolyn Zenk, Councilwoman

"Dear Robert C, [Thank you] for your wonderful Saint Joan of Arc medallion that you sent to me. ...Citizens like you make it worth it to be in office. I have worn Saint Joan close to my heart on many a day. You too, remain close to my heart for thinking so kindly of me. I will try each day to be worthy of the love and affection I have received from many kind citizens like you. God bless you!"

Proclamation of the Suffolk County Legislature

"Zenk has been a staunch supporter of, and has worked diligently for, the preservation of open spaces, wetlands preservation, & clean water for the people of Long Island & for future generations. Her dedication, expertise & personal involvement have contributed significantly to the conservation & protection of the environment. Through her energy & zeal, CAROLYN ZENK has also been an inspiration to & influence on the lawmakers of Suffolk County & their decisions."

Jean B. M.A. M.S.

"Dear Carolyn, Thank you for sticking to your guns in the vote on the zoning change. I admire your work and your courage. As for the other [Town Board members] for whom I voted in the last election, my contempt for them is equal to my respect for you."

Donald S., Southampton Citizen

"Dear Ms. Zenk, Thank you for your gutsy comments in the July 18th Southampton Press [regarding imposing steel bulkheads on our beaches]. I am so glad that someone told [the man who ruined the beach with bulkheads] what many of us locals feel and never had the opportunity to express to him in person! I am equally sorry that the other members of the Board played pussy cat."

Ginny T., Citizen

"You have a way with words Carolyn. There is a passion, a reverence, a humility. Beautiful! Thank you. Again, I really appreciate your way with words...The beauty of the flow."

Diane R., Former Committee Person

"Wow, you're awesome Carolyn. Thank you so much! Actually, I will miss you very much, being on the [Town] Board. You always bring up correct items, when otherwise, they wouldn't be brought forth; or they would be ignored."


"I wanted to thank you for your comments at the public hearing [regarding a proposed moratorium on development] for western Southampton Town. Your observations and concerns were, as always, right on the money, and welcomed at a time when unprecedented development is rearing its ugly head on eastern Long Island."

Mary Jean G., Citizen

"Thank you for all your efforts in Town Hall-We have lost our only advocate!"

Linda Kabot, Former Southampton Supervisor & Councilwoman

"You have done a great job as a Town Councilwoman to work in the public interest..."

Megan Q., Former Assistant

"While "googling about "The Hills" [development] I came across your document [you wrote] for the Town Board in 2014. I was so proud of you!"

Dianne R., Citizen

"Thank you so much for [your work today]. You're great!"

Mary Wilson, Community Preservation Fund Manager Southampton Town

"Hi Carolyn:..I wanted to let you know it was a pleasure to work with you. I appreciate your dedication to the Town's natural resources and your keen interest in preserving waterfront lands for public use and enjoyment."

Walter S., Citizen

"Over the years when you were in office...I always found you were a very good listener. Then when I read that you helped Nancy Graboski [Councilwoman in the opposing party] during the transition it was a helpful bipartisan effort."

Dianne R., Citizen Activist

"Dear Councilwoman Carolyn, ..I must state unconventionally, 'You Go Girl!' regarding your letter to the editor in the Southampton Press about the Westhampton Drag Strip."

TESTIMONIALS ABOUT ZENK GAVEL long island monthly cover carolyn zenk swearing in

Southampton Town Board Proclamation of Appreciation

"Carolyn Zenk has served as a town Councilwoman for 4 years. She has sponsored legislation to limit the size of retail stores in Southampton Town to help protect community character, significantly increased fines for code violations associated with group rentals, banned shore-hardening structures on Southampton's ocean beaches, and increased environmental protection in the public's interest."

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